Where do you want to work?
  • Carrying on from 'Where do you work?' is there anywhere that you would really really love to work?

    Personally I'd like to work for a company like plenty http://www.plenty.tv/ or http://www.buck.tv/ i.e. a studio that only do really creative, new stuff.. I just think that in order to get that standard of work they must allocate lots of time for testing and playing with styles, something that I'm not accustomed to and would love more of.

    Being a freelancer also appeals but I think I'd miss being around people in general if I worked remotely and would find it difficult meeting new people regularly for short periods of time rather than getting to know colleagues etc..

  • Onwards and upwards James!! Like you, I think that Blur/Psyop/Universal Everything/Passion Pictures etc etc are really the pinnacle of what we as "mograph artists" can aspire to. It's a different world to the one I inhabit, I think. I'll leave it at that... ;)
  • I honestly think I'm getting ready to give up freelance, and go back to a studio.

    I have a few, I think mostly in the same vein. Studios that seem to really have free reign and their own distinct style really appeal to me. As Dan stated, they are a pinnacle of what we can achieve. Here are a few: MK12, Psyop, Buck, Plenty, weareseventeen, Superfad, Blur, Troika, Prologue, and Royale. All of their works continually make me strive to learn and improve.

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