Emit cloth like material?
  • I'm trying to animate an explosion of streamers/string style material that are dynamic (or at least look like they are)

    I have thinking particles working for the other particles but anybody got a direction to point me in? Things seem to fall down when I put standard dynamic cloth in as a particle..
  • Streamers could be sweeps or polys with a spline wrap, then a wind/flag deformer on the sweep. Clone the sweeps (make sure they're under a null or the modifiers won't work properly) on to either TP or normal particles et voila!
  • Nice solution Dan!
  • Hope it helps @JamesDohertyEsq ...
  • Thanks mate, totally forgot that I posted this..

    I tried this way but couldn't get it to work right.. Almost there but not quite, as I seem to end up when trying new things in c4d, can always get partially there by trying things, it's the final 10% that I struggle with.

    In the end I made a small plane, gave it a cloth tag, used a turbulence object to make it flutter/warp and cached the simulation. Dropped it in a hypernurbs, put a few copies of it in the emitter and then offset the cached simulation.. now it looks like they're all different when really they're just at a different point in the sim.. They're not fluttering dynamically but their position is still affected by wind/turbulence/gravity objects and I think I get away with it..
  • Oh and I ended up dumping TP as it was getting too complicated, just used a simple emitter
  • HAHA! I do this so many times it's not even funny. "Yeah, an opportunity to use TP, sweet!" then 2 days down the line... "Oh it's bogging my comp down and it's not doing what I wanted..."

    Good solution, providing you have enough frames there that the loops don't coincide with each other. Any chance we can see the project when it's finished?

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