Final Video: New hope for Aids

  • I posted a still from this in the CS5.5 thread, and this is the final video. This was done in an extremely tight timeline - 2.5 weeks-ish from arrival of script to final delivery of the video. The client had no thoughts on the look, and no real branding to speak of, so the entire concept and look was from scratch. I made all the props and photographed them in my house to use them in the video, so that was fun. 

    I'd LOVE if anyone had ideas or thoughts on how they would have made this a little more visually interesting. I think if I'd had more time, I would have added some particular stuff to make it feel like the cells were floating in something, as opposed to floating in the "air" like they are now. Anyways, all thoughts welcome, I'm very proud of it but I think with an extra week I could have made it a little bit stronger.
  • This is awesome, Winston, I love the concept and your creativity in this playful piece that describes a pretty serious subject, but the lightheartedness lends itself to the hope part of the video.

    I agree with the more fluid motion, make it seem more organic.  Maybe do some stop motion with the pipe cleaners so it undulates too, adds more motion to the scene kind of like you did with the red yarn object.  Maybe think of some more interesting transitions, like perhaps one transition could be you actually fly through one of the ball objects.

    Great work!

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