Your favorite plugins
  • My favorite for Cinema 4D is a simple but powerful plugin called drop to floow . I think its the best plugin for Cinema 4D ever created .
    In after effects my favorites are RSMB and Optical flares and on top of that list is the built in curves effect .
  • Since most of my work in C4D is relatively simple for broadcast commercials, the Image Plane script (luma and color channel) comes in handy quite a bit to bring in keyed talent shots for placement.

    For After Effects, the entire Key Correct suite has been a life saver for the previously mentioned talent shots.
  • For AE: First off, as @Zickar states.. my top is Curves. Aside from that, love Magic Bullet Looks for all post/color correction. Frischluft is great for getting nice DoF on your depth passes. Fx Factory Pro also has some nice correction tools.

    For C4D: Thrausi is a great plugin for breaking/shattering objects. I recently fell in love with a nice atmospheric shader for planets and the like. I also get some fair use out of Nick Campbell's HDRI lights.
  • Curves is up there for me too..
    Along with fast blur if we're talking about built in..

    Third party.. mmmm, optical flares is up there, particular too, specially for adding a bit of subtle depth to camera moves..

    c4d, don't use any, drop to floor sounds good though. Much too much time spent doing that!
  • Agree with above, sapphire glow and edgerays are also pet faves of mine
  • Have never used any Sapphire stuff. Worth checking out?
  • Yeah, I love the Sapphire plugins as well. Z_Glow might be one of my favorites of theirs.
  • On the AE side of things I use Form a fair bit, fast blur, directional blur, exposure, find edges etc etc. all the "go to" ones for things like light wrap. Not sure if this counts as a plugin but CStools for R11 gets used on a daily basis if I'm doing 3D work.
  • I would definitely count CSTools as a group of plugins.
  • I just found out that Red Giant provides a number of its plugins in a lighter free version .. I downloaded Colorista and will use it . Frishluft is a mus try plugin for me . I really need to try this out . First time I heard about it was from Gkaster
  • CSTools gets some fair use from me as well, from either the cams or the nulls. There are a few that I really need to work with more.
  • Particular is one of my favorites, just for its versatility. You can do some pretty crazy things with it if you're willing to get your hands dirty.
  • @SFBurning I'd love to get hold of a particular license (Hell, the whole suite would be more than handy!!) but with the cost, it's often cheaper and more rewarding to head into Thinking Particles territory if I need something with a bit more depth than CC Particle World...
  • Other than Sapphire (which I really could not live without) I've really been enjoying Video Copilot's Optical Flares lately. A little bit too much perhaps, I fear the head of graphics is going to confiscate it if I get any closer to Star Trek :P
    Yeah, and Frischluft has the best z blur I've found.

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