Sound effects
  • The question is where do you guys get your sound effects from?
  • I'm fortunate enough to work (permalance) at a place with a sound designer who has an extensive audio library. For personal projects, I rummage through the library included in Soundtrack Pro, or I'll head over to Sound Dogs. They have an extensive library, and they charge based on audio quality and length (an MP3 will be much cheaper than a 48k AIFF). And you can even select just the range of the effect you want. So if there's a 90 second clip, but you really only need from 0:36-1:03, you'll just pay for that. However, their web interface leaves a lot to be desired.
  • At work we have a sound designer . He takes care of those but for my personal projects I use the freesound project site and I have a free account at sound snap which I use to download professional FX , I get five effects per month . I usually don't need more , I don't have a lot of freelance work , I use them wisely and save them well

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