Stock assets?
  • We just posted a write up on Vurb, but I'm curious what the general consensus is about stock assets. Are they useful tools, cheap way out, or somewhere in-between?
  • I've made use of things like grunge textures from the VCP store, but I'd be loathe to use anything that was too recognisable. If you've repurposed stock assets (especially projects) then what's the point of the client coming to you?
  • I'm with @dan_hin on this one. Stock project templates are unacceptable in commercial use. Little things like a mask, decal, texture, sound fx, (some) music.. stuff that I can make small or large changes to, but still can't really be wholly recognizable as is. Now, there are exceptions to that, as I swear I've heard the exact same door/horse/cat sound effect in countless movies and tv shows and it annoys the hell out of me. :P 
  • There are thousand of free templates and projects out there and although I have downloaded them or where forced upon me to have by a friend I never used any of them . I always do my own work . 3D models though I've used some of them but usually my boss pushes me there , he says use preset models if you have to
  • Now that there's some discussion, I'll weigh in.

    I think stock assets (footage, textures) can be very useful. Stock project templates, however, should be nothing more than a starting-point, if used at all.

    The reality is, though, that sometimes clients just want something flashy and don't care if it's entirely unique. However, in this situation, the designer or studio is nothing more than a button pusher for a client who doesn't know how to use After Effects. That's not a client or position I want to have. I have never purchased a project template, nor do I ever plan to.

    3D models, however, I put in the same category as stock footage, an occasional necessity. One project I worked on required a globe. Rather than mapping out the entire thing in Illustrator and modeling in C4D, we just purchased a model online. It was much cheaper and more efficient than modeling ourselves.
  • I seem to be on the same page as most here. First off, project templates are an absolute no for me. 3D models, as @conigs stated, can be an occasional necessity. I think they can be a good base starting point, but I think it's lazy if you don't alter/recreate/learn from the model. Otherwise, how are you furthering your modeling knowledge?
    As far as footage and other assets (e.g. masks, textures, video elements), I don't have a large problem with them, you can adjust and change to make them more unique. I don't condone using them as is, make it your own to fit the project. No need for it to look cookie cutter.

    I guess my overall feeling would be, good starting points, nice to learn from, but shouldn't be pulling the weight.
  • The reason why I feel cheap using 3D models is that sometimes all you have to do is throw some models in and move your camera . What else do you do ? Is that what I want to be ? a camera man in a 3D software ?
  • I have no issue with stock models whatsoever. I'm not the worlds best modeller (nor do I intend to be) so having a stock repository take the place of 3D modeller in our "pipeline" doesn't feel weird. I don't do this for every project, but in purely monetary terms it makes complete sense.
  • @dan_hin . I do this too when it comes to work related projects because generally they need a certain level of work and can't afford the time it takes to experiment and model . But I don't feel good doing it.

    On another note , how do you guys feel about plugins and scripts . I feel there are lots of greatt ool outhere but I never use them , it just is not part of my workflow . Its not wrong but I just don't . The only plugins I used in Cinema 4D are two : Drop to floor which I think is the best plugin in the world and the City gen plugin on rare occasions
  • I use scripts and plugins all the time, eg decompose text for AE which is excellent, the "top 5 expressions which will change your life" set from mograph (secondary motion etc) and a massive list of stuff for C4D. Kyamaslide probably wins for me, but things like Render Elements, XSSplitSelectionTag and Rollit all come in handy.. And surely you must use CSTools??
  • dan_hin said:. And surely you must use CSTools??

    I've learnt how to use them but don't . Maybe its something I should get used too , but I never really use them 

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