Stock assets?
  • I've made use of things like grunge textures from the VCP store, but I'd be loathe to use anything that was too recognisable. If you've repurposed stock assets (especially projects) then what's the point of the client coming to you?
  • There are thousand of free templates and projects out there and although I have downloaded them or where forced upon me to have by a friend I never used any of them . I always do my own work . 3D models though I've used some of them but usually my boss pushes me there , he says use preset models if you have to
  • The reason why I feel cheap using 3D models is that sometimes all you have to do is throw some models in and move your camera . What else do you do ? Is that what I want to be ? a camera man in a 3D software ?
  • I have no issue with stock models whatsoever. I'm not the worlds best modeller (nor do I intend to be) so having a stock repository take the place of 3D modeller in our "pipeline" doesn't feel weird. I don't do this for every project, but in purely monetary terms it makes complete sense.
  • I use scripts and plugins all the time, eg decompose text for AE which is excellent, the "top 5 expressions which will change your life" set from mograph (secondary motion etc) and a massive list of stuff for C4D. Kyamaslide probably wins for me, but things like Render Elements, XSSplitSelectionTag and Rollit all come in handy.. And surely you must use CSTools??

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