A Small Exposition :: animated short trailer
  • Hey mo-peeps,
    Here's the trailer for our (Black brow) new film.

    I hope you like it. We're going for some crowdfunding to get started on production. I'll hopefully check back here sporadically to let you know how I'm going... or to ask for a painful critique ;)
    Hmm... I guess this seems a little less than motion design related, but that's my trade and while this is an animated film the art direction is certainly mostly influenced by motion design as opposed to more traditional styles.

  • I love the simple, almost Saul Bass-esque art direction. Very nice!
  • I really like it. I think the Saul Bass influence is cool and it's a nice style, although I think that the hand with the tree in it is so like his stuff that it's a bit obvious, I think without that the influence would be more subtle.

    Really like the timing with the walls coming in and the chair dropping. The way the bushes look and the wind moving looks great too.

    Looking forward to seeing it
  • Wow Pete, this is an awesome project and I love the 3D animated Saul Bass style.

    This is definitely motion design.  You can see how many Infographics are taking the same kind of stylistic 2D/3D look to it, so it's in the realm.

    What 3D software did you use?  And how long will this film be?
  • Thankyou for the kind words.
    I used 3ds Max for this trailer but am transitioning over to Softimage for the full production now.
    The film will end up about 10 - 15 minutes long I think.
  • Slightly reminded me of Waking Life... loved it.

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