Music with motion..
  • This is the best thing I've seen in quite some time:

    Really shows how important music is to animation. I know that it's not all that's nice about this but it really holds it all together perfectly. 

    I don't know that much about music technically.. I was interested to read that Mike 'The Monkey' Something always puts his stuff together with the bpm of the music. For me in the day-work music is generally bolted on afterwards, which is sad really.. Think I've slightly slipped into that myself but gonna try to push myself to get more in the habit of it working with it first..

    Opinions? Do you guys do music first or the visuals?
  • Fantastic animation!

    Music first, always. It's so much fun dissecting the music and keying the movements and micro-movements of the animation to the nuances of the music. The only issue I have with doing that is I'd have to really love the song to not get sick of it after having done the dissection and syncing. Generally, when I listen to a song I've synced, all I can think about is where I placed the markers and how I wished I'd done it better. 

    Granted, it is always nice to see an animation flow naturally with the audio. 

  • @odd-enough mike the monkey had a great advice about that when he said that you should use the audio track inside your cinema 4D but maybe not the exact one . Instead use something similar to what you want and when you are finished setting up key frames all you need is to import the real audio you want to use and tweak it a bit .

    I usually do the visuals first but the way I work is a bit weird . I start designing and animating , Half way through I start rendering and adding music and compositing while its rendering in Cinema 4D ... I then start tweaking inside Cinema 4D . 
  • @Zickar I yeah for the few C4D projects I did with music syncing, I used the same song in there too. Though along with what you mentioned about a different song, I did sort of try that once. I found two songs with the same bpm and time signatures, sync'd the visuals to the first song within C4D, then swapped that song out for the other. So I guess he and I got the same idea for the most part. Though I was experimenting to see how it would work rather than so I wouldn't get sick of the one song.

    But that is a great idea. I don't think I would have thought of that aspect of it, heh.

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