Video games
  • Big time wasters and I tried to stay away from them as much as possible but recently bought a copy of Portal 2 . Anyone play it ? Its amazing . Very intriguing and exciting
  • I picked up the first one when Steam for Mac was released and it came along for free. I'm definitely interested in picking up Portal 2. It's just hard to find the time to get invested in a game lately.

    But I would disagree that video games are time wasters. Depending on the game, it can be every bit as compelling and eye opening as a good book or film, often more-so. On the smaller scale, games can be great way to change modes or de-stress.
  • With all the buzz around Portal 2, I finally got around playing the first one. Perfect length for someone deathly afraid of getting addicted to 2 AM video game runs. ;)

    I'll be playing P2 as soon as I get some free time.
  • The beauty of Portal 2 (I haven't played the first one) is the ability to save at any stage even if its not the end of the level or a checkpoint and it autosaves on constant checkpoints . I usually quit playing stuck on a puzzle and the next time I come in and solve it or at lleast make some progress . It could be addictive because the levels and puzzles are relatively short so you get the sense of progression quick
  • First off, Portal 2 is amazing, far surpasses the original. Secondly, like @conigs said, I tend to get really into games that have a nice narrative I can fall in love with. For me, it's just another story telling device, much like a book or movie, yet I get to feel I'm influencing it. Not only that, but I can get quite relaxed from them, and even spark up some inspiration!
  • I loved Portal 2. I finally finished the single player campaign this past Wednesday (I actually finished the co-op campaign first). Definitely fantastic and polished to boot.

    As far as video games go in general, I used to be into them a lot more than I am now. I just don't have the time anymore. For close to 7 years, pretty much all I did was waste away playing video games and attending LAN parties (yes, people still do that). But the only games I can really enjoy now are ones I can jump into easily, play for a half hour and leave without the nagging feeling like I'm missing something by not continuing to play.

  • @odd_enough You pretty much summed up games for me as well. Although, I must say that I anxiously await Mass Effect 3... if only for the art direction.

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