Informal Poll: Mouse vs Wacom
  • Definitely Wacom to the point that a mouse doesn't even feel right anymore.
  • I use a mouse for what little web-browsing I do on my machine, but it's an Intuos 4 for everything else. Ever since I bought the new iPad, I've moved most of my web-browsing to it and I try to limit my machine to just work-related tasks.
  • I tend to oscillate between using a mouse and the wacom, for stuff like painting, roto, drawing spline etc the wacom can't be beat, but I still struggle a little when I'm using it on a dual monitor setup. Plus I often move between 3 computers during the day so it's a bit of a pain in the arse to move the wacom with me..
  • Magic Mouse and Intuos 3. Tablet for Photoshop and Illustrator use mostly.... haven't fully migrated over to using it for everything, but I do love it.
  • @zickar I have a 3D mouse at work. The combination of 3D mouse and wacom is awesome. The 3D mouse removes the need to use the keyboard for navigation and it eliminates some extra steps of continually switching between tools to get what I want. Though, to make the package complete, a Cintiq would be perfect. Someday, maybe. :/
  • Have become more and more wacom-based but do sometimes use a mouse.. Comfortable with both but any sort of painting/roto work makes so much more sense with pressure sensitivity..
  • Yeah, EJ, I use my Wacom, but I'd say at most is 15-20% of the time. I get by with the mouse just fine, and use the tablet when needed.
  • I mostly use my mouse, but am a big Wacom fan as well. For me, my Wacom is great for specific purposes - mainly painting in Photoshop. I have an Intuos 2 6x8, and it just doesn't do the trick for my dual widescreen monitors - I'm only using the top half of an already small area. My old 9x12 worked better, but the stylus died. But since I use the Wacom with my left hand and the mouse with my right, I can easily have them both out and switch as needed ;)

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