Managing your feeds
  • I'm in a constant battle with my feeds . I always play a cat and mouse catch game with my feeds . the more I read , the more they send me and I can't remember when was the last time I had a clean feed reader . I used to have subscriptions to The daily what and Ads of the world . these sites alone would send an update every 10 minutes or so and could easily pile up 200 new posts a day . I recently removed them from my feeds because they were somehow irrelevant to our field . I also have ae tuts , cg tuts and the whole family and they could add up to 10 posts a day sometimes . The flood of tutorials never stops from all my feeds . and every time I see a tutorial I feel it's a shame t6o miss out on it ... But at some point the number on your feed reader ( the unread ) really becomes a burden .
    How do you keep up with your feeds , what feeds are you subscribed to and generally how many tutorials you do per day , how do you choose them and from where do you choose them ?
  • I keep up with feeds by ignoring unread counts.

    I use a self hosted install of Fever. What's great about it is that I can look through recent news like a traditional feed reader, or I can see what's being talked about and linked to in my "Hot" section. Fever works by giving it less-frequently updated by very high quality feeds as "kindling," then a bunch of high-frequency link-blogs in "sparks." The more a story from the Kindling is linked to both from sparks and other kindling, the higher rating it gets. It's a really great way to catch up on news as it places a higher emphasis on what I'm more likely to be interested in topically, than just an endless trail of unread counts.

  • @conigs It sounded to me like you are starting a fire there . But I'll give it a try

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