Another reel critique
  • Hello all,

    Looking for some feedback/critique. I'm from a small market so I don't have a lot of peers to get feedback from. I've been reading a lot of design and typography books trying to get better at my design skills, but here's where I'm at right now. Thanks.
  • That all looks pretty damn good. A few general points: Some of the animation is quite soft and mushy, (eg the paint can) when you could improve it so much by tweaking the timing and pushing the keys a bit more. Similarly, the idea and the flow of that Dosch car video is good, but I'm not sure that the typeface works in conjunction with the callouts. 

    Also instead of using a glow to separate the car and the connecting lines, try to think about how else you might create enough contrast so that the UI elements don't get lost.

    In terms of "what would I keep?" I liked your start tag (short, effective, looks different); the Dosch car; the Karaoke mic stand (but again, it's a little too slow); the analog piece; and the overall look of the finance shot - but again the type didn't work here for me, it looked a little too friendly.

    Things that I didn't like: the Room of Shapes (a bit too "on-trend" with twitch etc); transparent cubes (no context with this and therefore a bit meaningless compared to your other stuff); Christmas (not enough detail and because of the keyframes the fairy lights strobed when they animated on); and finally 80's rock - because although it had potential it felt really unfinished and things happened far too linearly - none of the techniques you used were really given enough time to become interesting.

    Apologies for the essay but I thought I'd give a bit of justification for what I liked and didn't, I hope that's useful to you! Let me know what you think of mine, I've no doubt that you'll be able to catch me out on a few things..

  • Very useful.  Thank you for the critique. It's nice to have an objective pair of eyes looking at your work. I'll definitely check your reel out when I get the chance(off to work). Thanks again.
  • No worries, glad it was useful!
  • I think the pacing didn't match the music and I think that your compositing needs more work . You have some sweet stuff at 0.20 . really loved the ANALOG and the car spot ... the highlight of the reel
  • @Zickar Thanks for taking the time to critique my reel. I appreciate it.

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