CS5.5 Questions?
  • I will be getting a seat of After Effects CS5.5 for both work and to do a write up on the blog. Are there any specific questions anyone has or any tests you'd like me to run it through? Unfortunately, I don't have an ideal rig (4-year-old MacPro1,1 with an ATI card), but I can definitely compare performance to CS4 and CS5, as well as put the new plugins to the test.
  • I'd like to see how the new, AE camera-native lens blur compares to the slow, single-threaded effect in CS5 and earlier..
  • agreed @Rostenbach the warp stabiliser is what intrigues me most in this release and whether it will be good enough to put other tools to pasture.
  • @MDSienzant Trials are fully functioning, but there's often extra plugins that you don't get, like Keylight or the Cycore effects, at least that's how previous trials worked.
  • That looks mighty nice!
  • @winston I've been experiencing corrupt projects like that for a while now with CS5. For me it was all about faulty plugins (Kronos, in case you were wondering) and time-remapped footage. If I were you I'd fill out an Adobe crash report - which I think you can email over - and let them know the issues you're having.
  • I filled out numerous crash reports last week, some more informative and some more angry. Best I could narrow it down to was a font issue of sorts, but even that theory only worked part of the time. Usually I'd restart my computer, open a different project, and then once AE was up and running, I'd open the project I needed to be working on. Not exactly my preferred working method.

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