CS5.5 Questions?
  • I will be getting a seat of After Effects CS5.5 for both work and to do a write up on the blog. Are there any specific questions anyone has or any tests you'd like me to run it through? Unfortunately, I don't have an ideal rig (4-year-old MacPro1,1 with an ATI card), but I can definitely compare performance to CS4 and CS5, as well as put the new plugins to the test.
  • I'd like to see how the new, AE camera-native lens blur compares to the slow, single-threaded effect in CS5 and earlier..
  • I'm mostly curious about how well the warp stabilizer works.
  • agreed @Rostenbach the warp stabiliser is what intrigues me most in this release and whether it will be good enough to put other tools to pasture.
  • Well I just got a setback from Adobe's Buying Guide:

    You cannot upgrade from products within a suite edition to individual products. To get the latest version of an individual product, you must purchase the full product.

    That bumps the upgrade price for me from US$179 to US$399 since I own Production Premium CS5. I'm still planing on at least getting the trial. Hopefully nothing's removed from it aside from the CC effects.

  • @conigs Really? Wow.  I mean, I guess that makes sense but still.  I was super excited before to at least consider upgrading for under $200.  I guess I'll do the same as you and get the trial just for that warp stabilizer. Then you also don't need to test the footage for me.. as I believe Adobe announced that the trials will be fully functioning?
  • @MDSienzant Trials are fully functioning, but there's often extra plugins that you don't get, like Keylight or the Cycore effects, at least that's how previous trials worked.
  • Hrm.. I think I can handle not having those for a demo.  My concern is always installing new software mid-projects.  If I only had a second machine that I could load it onto. 
  • I bought CS5.5 and am running it (it hit right as I was starting a project, so good timing). Last night something happened with it where it wouldn't open the project file I'm working on but a reinstall of the OS and CS5.5 on a new hard drive fixed that problem. 

    Aside from that major setback, anyone have specific questions? I haven't used warp-stabilizer much yet but it seems amazing, and I'm absolutely loving the depth of field improvements for camera stuff. Here's a shot of one of my comps, this is with a hexagonal iris instead of the fast rectangle:


    This scene also uses smooth fall-off on the lights, which I also think is really nice.
  • That looks mighty nice!
  • CS5.5 is currently crashing way more than CS4 ever did for me (i never had CS5). I'm trying everything I can to figure out why it will do this, but no luck so far. It's always after quitting the program, it will get in a loop where it crashes upon restart every time. 

    Last friday it crashed and nothing would get it to work, so I had to throw in a blank drive and reinstall my system and CS5.5. That hasn't happened again, but I just opened a project (the one in the screenshot above) and it crashed, meaning I'm about to restart my computer and hope it repairs the problem.

    CS5.5's upgrades are awesome, but they are quickly not becoming worth the headache.

    Update: a restart of my machine fixed whatever is going on. But still, it is very disconcerting for AE to crash when you try to open any project file - when you had been using it 20 minutes ago.
  • @winston I've been experiencing corrupt projects like that for a while now with CS5. For me it was all about faulty plugins (Kronos, in case you were wondering) and time-remapped footage. If I were you I'd fill out an Adobe crash report - which I think you can email over - and let them know the issues you're having.
  • I filled out numerous crash reports last week, some more informative and some more angry. Best I could narrow it down to was a font issue of sorts, but even that theory only worked part of the time. Usually I'd restart my computer, open a different project, and then once AE was up and running, I'd open the project I needed to be working on. Not exactly my preferred working method.

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