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  • Just wanted to introduce myself. I live in Melbourne but grew up in Poland. I'm completing my fourth multimedia qualification and i finished high school in 2008. Currently i'm doing a course specializing in motion graphics and visual effects. I also work on the side making websites and some motion graphics and vfx. I'm planning to continue my education, because at uni not only do i get access to great gear and green room for my client work, but i'm also learning lots. This year i'm working on my portfolio and reel that i will make public at the end of the year.
    So, do you guys think that i should continue my education and work on the side or get a job at a studio? 
  • Hey Robert! Welcome!

    Regarding your question… Personally, I would continue the education and work on the side. I can't speak specifically to your work market since I live in the States, but when we look at reels, we look for three main things: a strong design aesthetic, technical skill, and potential. Staying in school just a bit longer will help you in all three of those categories, and allow you to experiment much more than you can once you're pulling a full-time gig. Also, as you said, it gives you access to great resources.

    One thing I would highly recommend is to make sure you take plenty of design classes. Software is easy, there's lots of ways to become proficient. Good design is harder to learn. I wish I had put more emphasis on that when I was still in school.

    Good luck!
  • There's not much different that I would add, that @conigs didn't mention. My best piece of advice is certainly staying in school, and focusing on those design classes. As he stated, software is easy, it's the design concepts that will make you stand out. Someone who has a good understanding of color, composition, etc., is going to be much better off in the long run.

    Welcome, and good luck!

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