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The Noun Project

Unite user joedonaldson recently posted a project he recently completed for The Noun Project. If you’re not familiar with the site, its purpose is to build a collection of royalty-free symbols & icons the entire world can use to visually communicate. It’s been amazing to watch it grow over time into the vast collection it currently is. Take a look at Joe’s work below and let him know what you think on Unite.

[iframe_vimeo video=48846655]



Joe Donaldson recently posted some of his work in the Unite forums. It’s definitely worth checking out. One piece in particular caught my attention: Cycle.

[iframe_vimeo video=”34339192″]

In his own words, Joe wanted to “attempt to bridge the gap between purely visual eye-candy type work and storytelling.” It’s a simple idea, executed very well. The colors are well chosen and textures well placed. There is some nice nuance to the animation that portrays emotion very well, which is difficult to accomplish with simple shapes.

I’m currently in the process of producing a piece of personal creative work every week this year. I could stand to learn something from Joe’s well thought out experiment that has so much more emotion and draw to it than other process experiments I’ve seen in the past.

Please let Joe know what you think of his work on the forums, as he is seeking feedback.

The Motion League – Now with More Communication

Just a quick announcement that we’ve added a Contact page. This is an easy way to ask questions, let us know about any errors in posts, or just send a quick hello. There’s also an additional Job Postings form to complement the new discussion category on Unite.

So if you have a job opening and want to reach out to our community, or you just want to say hello, don’t hesitate to contact us!

[Image credit: feverblue, edited by Paul Conigliaro]

Today I Learned…

There’s a great thread going on over in Unite about learning something new every day. Some of my favorite comments:

“Today I learned that flipflops aren’t just summer footwear and inside CInema 4D Xpresso they can be very valuable switchers.” —Zickar

“Comps need to be visible or they won’t render; sounds logical til you start prerendering track mattes.” —dan_hin

“[…]when you reopen a file to do an additional render… make sure you change your output path. You don’t want to overwrite your original files. *facepalm*”—Rostenbach

(I’ve done this more often than I care to admit…)

“I learned (more was reminded) that C4D doesn’t auto-save by default. I was working on a freelance project over the weekend when the power went out. […] The irony of it all is that I was in the process of narrowing down UPS systems for my home office.”—me

What have you learned today?

[Photo courtesy of NeenaHistory]