Last night on #MoChat Andrew Kramer was kind enough to come out and answer questions as part of the ongoing celebration of After Effects’ 20th Anniversary. This was a whirlwind chat that even ended up getting #MoChat trending… even during the State of the Union address. So thank you to everyone who came out!

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For the summary portion, we simply present Andre Kramer’s responses. The full transcript will follow that.

@CoreyWalkerCW: @videocopilot Aside from Element 3D content, do you anticipate most future tutorials won’t be AE exclusive & feature C4D/3DS Max? #mochat
@videocopilot: @CoreyWalkerCW Future tutorials are going to be centered around AE but count on a lot of integration for some more complex shots! #mochat

@zachfbstudios: @videocopilot Are you making Action Essentials 3? #mochat
@videocopilot: @zachfbstudios Should we call is Action Movie FX 3D!? #mochat

@MotionChat: @videocopilot @joshdjackson brings up a good point. Are you able to talk about new product roadmaps? #mochat
@videocopilot: @MotionChat We do have some non-3D plug-ins that will be available in the next few months. #mochat

@brunogbrito: @videocopilot Any interest to start explore game engines on your tutorials? (crytek, UDK) #mochat
@videocopilot: @brunogbrito We would love to, but most are PC only so it limits a lot of users. #mochat

@michaelwekall: @motionchat @videocopilot What do you see as the next big thing for After Effects? #mochat
@videocopilot: @michaelwekall I think AE has done a lot for the motion graphics world and I think compositing and VFX improvements are next! #mochat

@MotionChat: @videocopilot We’re also curious about the work/life balance issue @PXLPUSHER1972 brought up. #mochat
@videocopilot: @MotionChat It’s a challenge to balance work and family. I say family first always, it’s hard to work with trouble in paradise 🙂 #mochat

@KyvenH: how about importing animated models from maya into AE? #mochat
@videocopilot: @KyvenH I’m gonna post a big round up for exporting OBJ’s out of most 3D programs in maya, stay tuned to my blog. #mochat

@IggyVanZen: @videocopilot what’s the most important thing to remember when learning different effects? #mochat #Mochat
@videocopilot: @IggyVanZen When learning different effects don’t limit yourself to what you think the plug-in does. Imagine they have no names. #mochat

@joshdjackson: jus’ wondering, has adobe ever offered to buy videocopilot plug-ins and integrate them into upcoming versions of After Effects? #mochat
@videocopilot: @joshdjackson I was going to try and license After Effects and release it with Element 3D but didn’t work out. #mochat

@beatgram: Haha. Confused mochat tonight!!! #mochat
@videocopilot: @beatgram What?! Where am I? #mochat

@danilotard: @videocopilot what kind of books do you recommend for people wanting to become better in vfx? If any? #mochat
@videocopilot: @danilotard Mark Christionsen book is great for AE. I also think cinematography books are key. Everyone should learn to use a cam. #mochat

@AntonioVerona: Will there be any military/aircraft Element packs in development? #mochat
@videocopilot: @AntonioVerona Soon we will have some aircrafts and vehicles available. #mochat

@danilotard: @videocopilot why are you so awesome?! And do you sometimes laugh while recording your tutorials?!(outtakes please?) 😀 #mochat
@videocopilot: @danilotard I always have a good time recording tutorials. I laugh and say things I could never publish. #mochat

@digitalmeals: @videocopilot what cinematography books would you recommend? #mochat
@videocopilot: @digitalmeals There is a book called the 5 C’s of cinematography, very old, I remember it was so profound at the time! #mochat

@FootprintVideo: @videocopilot What about some modifiers for extruded text in Element3D…kind of like the effectors in #C4D? #mochat
@videocopilot: @FootprintVideo We are def looking at ways to manipulate models for E3D V2. #mochat

@danadamstw: When shooting video that will be motion tracked, are there tips of things to DO and NOT TO DO that will make tracking easier? #mochat
@videocopilot: @danadamstw So many challenges… Somehow it works out. One tip: don’t overdo it with trackers on a gren scrn. #mochat

@zachfbstudios: @videocopilot Will Element 3D2 be a free update? #mochat
@videocopilot: @zachfbstudios It will be discounted to customers but the upgrade price will be well worth it I’m sure. #mochat

@iyke28: does @videocopilot plan to interact more with users i.e. competitions, challenges e.t.c. ? #mochat
@videocopilot: @iyke28 I would love to do more challenges etc. Making an effort this year to do a lot more! #mochat

@CoreyWalkerCW: @videocopilot Can we expect any more awesome Blog Shows, or is life just too busy these days? #mochat
@videocopilot: @CoreyWalkerCW I have a few planned. Gotta have the right idea to make it fun and informative. #mochat

@AdobeAE: So many questions for @videocopilot. It’s impressive he’s able to see any of them at the speed they’re coming in! #mochat
@videocopilot: @AdobeAE Just jamming through em! #mochat

@paulslemmer: @videocopilot Who is your VFX hero?#mochat
@videocopilot: @paulslemmer Roto Artists! #mochat

@KyvenH: will you ever make a Live tutorial? #mochat
@videocopilot: @KyvenH I will. I think doing some live stuff this year could be fun. #mochat

@x1n30: @videocopilot Which is your favourite Michael Bay movie of all time? #mochat
@videocopilot: @x1n30 Favorite Michael Bay film The Rock. He wrecked half the city. Plus love the soundtrack. #mochat

@lasvideo: Will you be at the Adobe booth at NAB? #mochat
@videocopilot: @lasvideo I’m hoping to do another presentation at the Adobe booth this year at NAB. Will let you know! #mochat

@videocopilot: The thing about VFX is you can look at something and then recreate it but the key is having the vision to come up with it first. #mochat

@atmale: @videocopilot what kinds of things do you do to get ideas and keep them organized? #mochat
@videocopilot: @atmale Google Docs for organizing. Best thing that ever happened to me. #mochat

@calebbish: @videocopilot any chance basic 3D modeling will be possible inside of Element in future updates? #mochat
@videocopilot: @calebbish Eventually but we do plan on some ways of generating mesh in different ways for V2. #mochat

@OYCGabe: I find it really funny when i see Kramer’s tutorial outputs on reels. #mochat
@videocopilot: @OYCGabe I try not to show off… #mochat

@OKCTHUNDERHEAD: @videocopilot how old were you when you started AE? #mochat
@videocopilot: @OKCTHUNDERHEAD 15? I’m 28 now… #mochat

@mangababe: Wow. Hard to keep up with the fast & furious #mochat Q&A with @videocopilot !
@videocopilot: @mangababe Just grab on tight and don’t look down. #mochat

@NathanBoey: @videocopilot do you have any aspirations/plans to shoot a feature film? #MoChat
@videocopilot: @NathanBoey Absolutely! #mochat

@videocopilot: Advice? IDK be cool to work with, most people don’t like working with jerks. #mochat

@videocopilot: After Effects is 20! Almost old enough to drink. #mochat

@MitchellHart: Thanks for everything Andy K #mochat
@videocopilot: @MitchellHart Your welcome! #mochat

@videocopilot: I’ll be at AENY this month on the 28th. Will be Aharon Rabinowitz last meeting! You guys should come out! #mochat

@iyke28: @videocopilot if u find urself strugglin applyin a vfx, or if it seems impossible due to how d footage is captured – what next? #mochat
@videocopilot: @iyke28 That is tough, have to sort the first problem before moving on to the next problem. #mochat

@BKobs: @videocopilot, in your opinion, what does the future look like for creative media? specifically video and animation. #mochat
@videocopilot: @BKobs Prolific. #mochat

@Cenylee_Higa: @videocopilot You’re like my virtual teacher.. Thank you so much! #mochat
@videocopilot: @Cenylee_Higa I’m outside your house… #mochat

@Elementbob: hey Andrew! what is the best way to get into the VFX industry if school is not an option? #mochat
@videocopilot: @Elementbob The tools are there and the training is there, focus your weekends on making cool stuff. #mochat

@danadamstw: If you were going to make a feature film, what genre and what would it be about? #mochat
@videocopilot: @danadamstw I would say Thriller. Some action, some suspense… #mochat

@robotika_org: @videocopilot Due to your affiliation with @bad_robot, any chance you’ll get to do the opening crawl for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII? 🙂 #mochat
@videocopilot: @robotika_org Whoever does it, I hope they shoot it practically like the original! #mochat

@03OE: @videocopilot oh, and does making tutorials about blowing stuff up ever get old haha? #mochat
@videocopilot: @03OE Does a one-legged duck swim in circles? #mochat

@MotionChat: Holy awesome. #mochat is trending!

@videocopilot: @MotionChat Crazy! #mochat

@ChrisTarroza: If it wasn’t for the undo command I’d be so screwed. #mochat
@conigs: @ChrisTarroza Try working for a while with it set to 0. Seriously. It becomes way more interesting! #mochat
@videocopilot: @conigs I have it set to 12 seconds… #mochat

@rizkiahmads [protected tweet]
@videocopilot: @rizkiahmads Was thinking about some camera projection tips with Element 3D actually… #mochat

@the_smithy: #mochat hey Andrew thanks for everything so far. Love element. Been following you since creative cow days
@videocopilot: @the_smithy Good times! Creative cow has always been a great community. #mochat

@lasvideo: A tutorial on Element just came out on! #mochat
@videocopilot: @lasvideo I saw that! Chad perkins is a great instructor too. #mochat

@videocopilot: Best Video Cards? I think the nvidia cards are pretty amazing, particularly the 680 and 690. #mochat

@03OE: I think @videocopilot deserves around of applause for everything he’s done for us as a community, thanks man. #mochat
@videocopilot: @03OE Cheers! #mochat

@MotionChat: @videocopilot Alright, Andrew. In the last few minutes, anything _you_ would like to speak to? #mochat
@videocopilot: @MotionChat I would say that passion and hard work are 2 of the most powerful ways to achieve your goals. #mochat

@videocopilot: Thanks everyone for stopping by! I had a blast! #mochat

@videocopilot: I’m sure we’ll be able to do this again in the future and I’d love to do more live stuff, it’s exciting!

@videocopilot: #mochat tonight…


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