There’s a great thread going on over in Unite about learning something new every day. Some of my favorite comments:

“Today I learned that flipflops aren’t just summer footwear and inside CInema 4D Xpresso they can be very valuable switchers.” —Zickar

“Comps need to be visible or they won’t render; sounds logical til you start prerendering track mattes.” —dan_hin

“[…]when you reopen a file to do an additional render… make sure you change your output path. You don’t want to overwrite your original files. *facepalm*”—Rostenbach

(I’ve done this more often than I care to admit…)

“I learned (more was reminded) that C4D doesn’t auto-save by default. I was working on a freelance project over the weekend when the power went out. […] The irony of it all is that I was in the process of narrowing down UPS systems for my home office.”—me

What have you learned today?

[Photo courtesy of NeenaHistory]