The "movie barcode" for The Social Network.

Choosing a color palette can always be a complicated process. Many of us look to photographs, nature,¬†Adobe Kuler, or even other’s work for inspiration. A new tumblog popped up recently that could be another resource for color palette inspiration: moviebarcode. They take a film and reduce it’s entire timeframe down to a barcode like 1280×480 image. I am not sure of their exact process, but it looks like they average a frame’s color (or just reduce it to a few pixels), then arrange the frames from top-bottom, left-right. The result is a unique view of the film’s color palette. Some striking examples include¬†Apocalypse Now, Hero/Ying Xiong, Kill Bil Vol. 1, and Traffic.

The site is definitely worth keeping an eye on for a unique source of color palettes.