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Joe Donaldson recently posted some of his work in the Unite forums. It’s definitely worth checking out. One piece in particular caught my attention: Cycle.

[iframe_vimeo video=”34339192″]

In his own words, Joe wanted to “attempt to bridge the gap between purely visual eye-candy type work and storytelling.” It’s a simple idea, executed very well. The colors are well chosen and textures well placed. There is some nice nuance to the animation that portrays emotion very well, which is difficult to accomplish with simple shapes.

I’m currently in the process of producing a piece of personal creative work every week this year. I could stand to learn something from Joe’s well thought out experiment that has so much more emotion and draw to it than other process experiments I’ve seen in the past.

Please let Joe know what you think of his work on the forums, as he is seeking feedback.


A simple, but very well executed 30-second spot submitted for the World Table Tennis Championship 2011.

[iframe_loader src=”http://player.vimeo.com/video/21929184?portrait=0&color=1b6ce1″ width=”560″ height=”315″]

Droppp. from Hajime Nagatsuka on Vimeo.

Despite being so simple, there’s a lot to take away from this. Clean geometry, well paced builds, a subtle gag (moving the table), and great sound design all help polish this already clever concept.