Earlier this week on MoChat, we discussed round-tripping between various apps. The most common transitions seem to be PS/AI>AE, C4D>AE, AE>NLE. Some of the highlights of the chat:

  • Dynamic Link between AE & Premiere Pro can work well if you know the limitations.
  • Info on interchange between After Effects and other Adobe apps.
  • AE CS6 has the functionality of Automatic Duck from their acquisition last year.
  • People tend to prefer importing AI & PSD at layer size, but importing at doc size can have its benefits.
  • ⌘/⌃E for editing documents in their original apps from AE.
  • Make sure to have the most recent plugins from Maxon for moving between AE& C4D.
  • PNG works great as an image sequence out of C4D, but can be slow to render out of AE.
  • OpenEXR, RPF, and RLA are other options to look into when rendering out of C4D.
  • If using the new Camera Morth tag in C4D r14, you will want to use AEC files instead of importing the C4D file directly into AE.

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