Earlier this week, #MoChat covered the upcoming Cinema 4D R14. While it won’t be released until sometime in September, Maxon did release a limited demo the same day as the chat, so some people were able to play with it and give us their impressions. Dave Glanz, one of the beta team members, was also available to answer questions.

Some of the main features people are looking forward to: Sculpting, motion cams, aerodynamics simulation, new work plane modes/snapping, and importing C4D files directly into AE & PS. There are also some smaller features that look to make using C4D a bit easier: new xpresso nodes/UI, rollover popups, and camera morphing.

Cineversity has a playlist up covering several of the new R14 features, and C4D Live has been showing presentations from this year’s Siggraph. Hopefully they will have the archives up soon, too.

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