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Week in Motion – Dec. 20th

“Week in Motion” is a series of posts where we will cover a few motion design related events that occurred during the past week. These might be bigger posts/announcements you have heard, or some smaller things that slipped through the cracks. This week:

Krakatoa for Cinema 4D was announced.

ArtSmart v2 was released on Cineversity featuring some nice updates.

Ryan Summers posted Crazy Robo – Animation Test featuring some nice C4D animation and particles created in Photoshop.

Shader Effector for After Effects. SHADER EFFECTOR. AFTER EFFECTS.

Video Copilot released a new model pack for Element 3D: Future City Pack. Oh, it’s free.

Beeple just being awesome again. This time for The Glitch Mob’s Can’t Kill Us music video.

Greyscalegorilla has 40% off everything today only using code “40OFFGSG”

The Mac Pro is finally available for order, though you might have to wait until February or March to actually get one.

Slightly older, but Pantone announced on Dec. 5th that the color of 2014 is officially Radiant Orchid. (You can also view past colors of the year.)

What did you see happen this week?

MoChat 11 Transcript & Summary

Last night on MoChat, we discussed Cinema 4D plugins & scripts. Some presets snuck their way in there, too. There were quite a few handy links & plugins being tossed around. Several I had not heard of, but that’s not saying much since I’m still relatively new to the Cinema 4D community. Below is a list of the resources that came up last night. The full transcript follows.




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MoChat 007 Transcript & Summary

Last night, we talked all things plugins for After Effects. The official @AdobeAE account participated, as well as Steve Forde. Some 3rd party plugins that got attention of the night were:

  • GM FoldLayers (as well as the Isolate & Zoro scripts)
  • Nucleo Pro
  • ReelSmart Motion Blur
  • Frischluft Lens Care
  • Element 3D
  • Magic Bullet Looks

Bundled plugins weren’t left out either. Some favorites:

  • Curves
  • Turbulent Displace
  • Turbulent Noise
  • 3D Camera Tracker
  • Box Blur

And briefly, we discussed the issues with licensing/installing plug-ins. The general consensus was Red Giant handles this really well, Video Copilot, not so much. I also asked Adobe if they were considering a standard API (or similar) to allow easier handling of serials/licensing right within AE. It sounded like it was a possibility, though I’m sure not for a long time.

And now, the transcript…
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