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GM FoldLayers

For a long time now, several people have voiced opinions on wanting to have layer groups in the After Effects Timeline. We even covered it a while back and included a mockup of how it might work. Well, the good people of Goodmotion—pun intended—have just previewed something they’ve been working on: GM FoldLayers.

This plugin appears to intelligently hide/reveal and color layers as a group using Nulls named with a ‘|’ prefix. Take a look at the video (only on Facebook at the time). The best part is this will be a free download. Someone please buy these people beers… lots of them; they deserve it.

Export After Effects to C4D

Maxon just announced the availability of a new free plugin to export comps from After Effects (CS5 or CS5.5) directly to a .c4d file. There were some scripts that previously existed to get some 3D data out of After Effects. However, this plugin looks to be much more robust. According to the press release:

The CINEMA 4D export appears directly in the After Effects export menu and generates a .c4d file containing 3D layers, cameras, lights, solids, nulls and footage. Even nested compositions are supported. All major layer attributes including animations (rotation, position, parameter, anchor points, POI, etc.), expressions, layer parenting, layer locking and layer visibility are retained. Render and document settings in CINEMA 4D are adapted accordingly to the After Effects’ project settings.

We haven’t had a chance to thoroughly test this yet. But when we do, we’ll post the workflow, any potential pitfalls, and workarounds necessary. The plugin is free, so go grab it now!

ReeperX – Free Rope Plugin for C4D

Rope generated with ReeperX 1.1

ReeperX is a free rope generator for Cinema 4D. In its simplest form, ReeperX is akin to a specialized sweep nurb that has control over the number of sweeps and twists along a spline. You simply place a spline as a child of the object, and it will create a rope along the path. It works fairly well and can create some interesting abstract geometry as well. For free, it’s worth taking a look at.

[Thanks to worldpattern for the tip.]

AE Flame

No, it’s not going to turn your After Effects seat into an Autodesk Flame workstation, but the AE Flame plugin will let you create fractal flame images & animations within After Effects for free. This is actually a port from an older version of the plugin that was since open-sourced. There’s a lot of power behind this plugin, but it takes a while to get the hang of since everything is strictly based on mathematical formulas. So be sure to watch the tutorial by Victoria Nece. But once you do, you can create some interesting images.