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MLC001 Highlights

A couple weeks ago, we announced our first Motion League Challenge. The response was light, but off to a good start.

[iframe_vimeo video=”29054743″]

I liked the ethereal, glitchy feel to Bill Meeks‘ piece.

[iframe_vimeo video=”29225930″]

Manuel Creignou┬áhad a great entry. There’s a lot going on here. While he did use a separate music track, the effort and polish in this piece is too great to ignore.

A “well done” to these two. We’ll be announcing our next Motion League Challenge in a couple weeks.

Motion League Challenge 1: Single Solid

Welcome to the first Motion League Challenge. The inaugural challenge will be a simple one: Single Solid. The challenge is to see what you can create only using a single solid as a layer in an After Effects comp; bonus points: no Trapcode plugins. As an example, here is a short animation I created:

[iframe_vimeo video=”28933819″]

And for the curious, here’s the project, effects stack, and timeline:

This was all created with stock plugins with the exception of Separate RGB and Mojo.

The deadline for this challenge is 11PM CDT (GMT-5), Sunday September 18th. No prizes are being awarded, but we will be featuring our favorite animations in a later post. Have fun!

Ground Rules for Motion League Challenges

  1. Animations should be between roughly 5 and 15 seconds.
  2. You may create & submit as many animations as you like.
  3. Videos should be posted to the Motion League Vimeo group, and tagged MLC with the challenge number, eg “MLC001”.
  4. Be sure to link to your video in the comments to make sure we see it.
  5. Videos submitted after the deadline won’t be considered to be featured or for future prizes, but are still awesome in our book.