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#mochat 88 – After Effects 13.0

Last week, Adobe released version 13 of After Effects as part of the Creative Cloud 2014 update. This week on #mochat, several members from the After Effects team at Adobe joined us to answer questions about the update. For a lengthy description of what’s new and changed, see Todd Kopriva’s extensive writeup on the After Effects blog.

Some of the top features called out in the chat are:

  • Effect Masks/Compositing – Opacity settings and masks per effect (even third party). Combined with the mask tracker, this is a pretty powerful feature.
  • Editable Text Templates for Premiere Pro – Unlocked text layers are editable in Premiere Pro through Dynamic Link. More on AE/Premiere Pro integration. And with expressions, editable text templates can provide some unexpected functionality.
  • New Curves UI/Functions – Larger UI in three sizes, new auto-settings. The new UI is the result of feature requests (so make sure you submit yours). The new auto settings are the result of user research.
  • HTML5 Panels – New UI panels built around HTML and Javascript. ExtendScript is still used for control over AE. SDK and more info is available at the Adobe Developer Connection.

When upgrading, it’s pretty easy to migrate settings, plugins, and scripts. Very few changes were made to the plugin architecture. The only notable incompatibility seems to be Element 3D.

A few interesting tidbits arose during the chat. The most notable might be that the raytrace renderer is EOL. 3D efforts will be instead focussed on Cinema 4D and supporting 3D plugins. No major changes to Cineware were made in this release. Also, pseudo/custom effects are not actually supported by Adobe. Though there’s a lot of interest on the user side of officially implementing something like this. Lastly background rendering can be accomplished in Adobe Media Encoder, which now supports 32-bit and alpha channels. It still does not support color management, but a workaround is to use an adjustment layer with Color Profile Converter inside of AE.

And direct from Adobe, these are the sites to keep an eye on: After Effects Blog, After Effects Forum, After Effects FAQ, and of course the Feature Request Form.

Read on for the full transcript of the chat.

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#mochat 84 – Inspiration

This week on #mochat, we tackled inspiration. A lot of us are in the need of inspiration at one time or another… to get out of a creative block or just for enjoyment. The reasons to look for inspiration are only outnumbered by the sources out there.

Several people cited popular social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr as placed to find inspiration. Gmunk, Harry Frank, Ice Cream Hater, Neuromæncer, and Signalnoise were just a few mentioned. There’s also the standby of Vimeo and the newly launched Rndr were also mentioned.

People didn’t always want inspiration from motion design, or even digital sources, though. Films were brought up a few times, as was photography. Art installations, musems, art & design magazines, architecture… all are good ways to find inspiration by getting away from your computer.

And sometimes the best way to get inspired is to create something else. Doodling/drawing, taking photos, or playing music are all ways to get your brain working in a different way.

Read on for more sources of inspiration and how to work through ruts.

[Photo credit: “Inspiration” by Alice Popkorn]

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#mochat 78 – NAB

NAB is a great place for video professionals to view soon-to-be and recently released products, take classes and see demos, and meet those people you’ve been typing to on Twitter for years. Unfortunately, not everyone can go. So we did the next best thing… talk about it.

A few of the highlights from the chat about the show (links are to blog posts for posterity, not product pages):

Read on for the full transcript…

[photo courtesy of Robb Cohen/NAB]

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#mochat 73 – The State of VFX Industry

This week on #mochat, we revisited the state of the VFX industry… what are the problems it’s facing and do they carry over into motion design? You might recall that last year just after the Oscars we discussed this topic. A lot of last year’s issues still persist today with no real fix in sight…

  • Subsidies
  • Fixed bids
  • Misclassified workers
  • Long hours/unpaid OT

What’s changed this year seems to be a little more focus around the protests. Working against subsidies is the general talking point right now, but will it be enough? [Transcript follows…]

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Week in Motion – Dec. 13th

We are starting a series of posts where we will cover a few motion design related events that occurred during the past week. These might be bigger posts/announcements you have heard, or some smaller things that slipped through the cracks. This week:

Greyscale Gorilla announced the latest 5 second project winners.

AE Scripts announced the availability of gift cards, just in time for the holidays!

AE Scripts also released LayerMonkey, promising automated 2D and 3D layout & camera generation, similar to TypeMonkey.

Beeple is at it again, releasing a new set of creative commons VJ clips titled“übersketch”(ZIP download). More on beetle’s VJ Clips page.

Of course, #mochat 63 happened.

What didn’t happen this week? The 2013 Mac Pro release.

What did we miss? (I’m sure a lot.) Let us know.

#mochat 58 – Regular Work Hours

Last night on #mochat, Mike Florio lead a discussion on working more limited hours instead of the increasingly common 10+ hour days that many of us see. From the discussion it sounds like most of us are okay with the occasional long schedule to get things done in crunch time, but that it’s not sustainable, regardless of trends. There’s a lot of ground covered in this chat and several differing opinions, so I encourage you to take the time to read the transcript below.

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#mochat 57 – Adobe AE 12.1 Talk

One of the things Adobe promised with the move to Creative Cloud as a more rapid release cycle with important, but perhaps not blockbuster features. They are definitely coming through with that promise with the upcoming release of After Effects 12.1.

This week on #mochat, Steve Forde, Todd Kopriva, and Michelle Galina were kind enough to answer your questions on the upcoming release. The features which seemed to get the most attention in the chat were

  • Rigid Mask Tracker
  • Property Linking
  • Center Anchor Point commands
  • Spring Loaded Folders
  • GPU usage improvements (OptiX 3)

There were also several feature requests made during the chat, including:

  • Über-twirl (Timeline folders)
  • NLE-based footage layer (think Premiere timeline, but editable in AE)
  • KB shortcut for closing other timeline panels
  • Better color swatch handling

All-in-all, another great chat! I’m very grateful to the Adobe team for helping out and taking everyone’s questions. Read on for the transcript…

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MoChat 29 T&S – AE 20th Anniversary w/ Andrew Kramer

Last night on #MoChat Andrew Kramer was kind enough to come out and answer questions as part of the ongoing celebration of After Effects’ 20th Anniversary. This was a whirlwind chat that even ended up getting #MoChat trending… even during the State of the Union address. So thank you to everyone who came out!

  • 607 Tweets (9.3 tweets per minute, One tweet every 6.4 seconds)
  • 139 RTs
  • 154 Participants (not including @videocopilot, @AdobeAE, or @MotionChat)
  • 55 posts from @videocopilot

For the summary portion, we simply present Andre Kramer’s responses. The full transcript will follow that.

@CoreyWalkerCW: @videocopilot Aside from Element 3D content, do you anticipate most future tutorials won’t be AE exclusive & feature C4D/3DS Max? #mochat
@videocopilot: @CoreyWalkerCW Future tutorials are going to be centered around AE but count on a lot of integration for some more complex shots! #mochat

@zachfbstudios: @videocopilot Are you making Action Essentials 3? #mochat
@videocopilot: @zachfbstudios Should we call is Action Movie FX 3D!? #mochat

@MotionChat: @videocopilot @joshdjackson brings up a good point. Are you able to talk about new product roadmaps? #mochat
@videocopilot: @MotionChat We do have some non-3D plug-ins that will be available in the next few months. #mochat

@brunogbrito: @videocopilot Any interest to start explore game engines on your tutorials? (crytek, UDK) #mochat
@videocopilot: @brunogbrito We would love to, but most are PC only so it limits a lot of users. #mochat

@michaelwekall: @motionchat @videocopilot What do you see as the next big thing for After Effects? #mochat
@videocopilot: @michaelwekall I think AE has done a lot for the motion graphics world and I think compositing and VFX improvements are next! #mochat

@MotionChat: @videocopilot We’re also curious about the work/life balance issue @PXLPUSHER1972 brought up. #mochat
@videocopilot: @MotionChat It’s a challenge to balance work and family. I say family first always, it’s hard to work with trouble in paradise 🙂 #mochat

@KyvenH: how about importing animated models from maya into AE? #mochat
@videocopilot: @KyvenH I’m gonna post a big round up for exporting OBJ’s out of most 3D programs in maya, stay tuned to my blog. #mochat

@IggyVanZen: @videocopilot what’s the most important thing to remember when learning different effects? #mochat #Mochat
@videocopilot: @IggyVanZen When learning different effects don’t limit yourself to what you think the plug-in does. Imagine they have no names. #mochat

@joshdjackson: jus’ wondering, has adobe ever offered to buy videocopilot plug-ins and integrate them into upcoming versions of After Effects? #mochat
@videocopilot: @joshdjackson I was going to try and license After Effects and release it with Element 3D but didn’t work out. #mochat

@beatgram: Haha. Confused mochat tonight!!! #mochat
@videocopilot: @beatgram What?! Where am I? #mochat

@danilotard: @videocopilot what kind of books do you recommend for people wanting to become better in vfx? If any? #mochat
@videocopilot: @danilotard Mark Christionsen book is great for AE. I also think cinematography books are key. Everyone should learn to use a cam. #mochat

@AntonioVerona: Will there be any military/aircraft Element packs in development? #mochat
@videocopilot: @AntonioVerona Soon we will have some aircrafts and vehicles available. #mochat

@danilotard: @videocopilot why are you so awesome?! And do you sometimes laugh while recording your tutorials?!(outtakes please?) 😀 #mochat
@videocopilot: @danilotard I always have a good time recording tutorials. I laugh and say things I could never publish. #mochat

@digitalmeals: @videocopilot what cinematography books would you recommend? #mochat
@videocopilot: @digitalmeals There is a book called the 5 C’s of cinematography, very old, I remember it was so profound at the time! #mochat

@FootprintVideo: @videocopilot What about some modifiers for extruded text in Element3D…kind of like the effectors in #C4D? #mochat
@videocopilot: @FootprintVideo We are def looking at ways to manipulate models for E3D V2. #mochat

@danadamstw: When shooting video that will be motion tracked, are there tips of things to DO and NOT TO DO that will make tracking easier? #mochat
@videocopilot: @danadamstw So many challenges… Somehow it works out. One tip: don’t overdo it with trackers on a gren scrn. #mochat

@zachfbstudios: @videocopilot Will Element 3D2 be a free update? #mochat
@videocopilot: @zachfbstudios It will be discounted to customers but the upgrade price will be well worth it I’m sure. #mochat

@iyke28: does @videocopilot plan to interact more with users i.e. competitions, challenges e.t.c. ? #mochat
@videocopilot: @iyke28 I would love to do more challenges etc. Making an effort this year to do a lot more! #mochat

@CoreyWalkerCW: @videocopilot Can we expect any more awesome Blog Shows, or is life just too busy these days? #mochat
@videocopilot: @CoreyWalkerCW I have a few planned. Gotta have the right idea to make it fun and informative. #mochat

@AdobeAE: So many questions for @videocopilot. It’s impressive he’s able to see any of them at the speed they’re coming in! #mochat
@videocopilot: @AdobeAE Just jamming through em! #mochat

@paulslemmer: @videocopilot Who is your VFX hero?#mochat
@videocopilot: @paulslemmer Roto Artists! #mochat

@KyvenH: will you ever make a Live tutorial? #mochat
@videocopilot: @KyvenH I will. I think doing some live stuff this year could be fun. #mochat

@x1n30: @videocopilot Which is your favourite Michael Bay movie of all time? #mochat
@videocopilot: @x1n30 Favorite Michael Bay film The Rock. He wrecked half the city. Plus love the soundtrack. #mochat

@lasvideo: Will you be at the Adobe booth at NAB? #mochat
@videocopilot: @lasvideo I’m hoping to do another presentation at the Adobe booth this year at NAB. Will let you know! #mochat

@videocopilot: The thing about VFX is you can look at something and then recreate it but the key is having the vision to come up with it first. #mochat

@atmale: @videocopilot what kinds of things do you do to get ideas and keep them organized? #mochat
@videocopilot: @atmale Google Docs for organizing. Best thing that ever happened to me. #mochat

@calebbish: @videocopilot any chance basic 3D modeling will be possible inside of Element in future updates? #mochat
@videocopilot: @calebbish Eventually but we do plan on some ways of generating mesh in different ways for V2. #mochat

@OYCGabe: I find it really funny when i see Kramer’s tutorial outputs on reels. #mochat
@videocopilot: @OYCGabe I try not to show off… #mochat

@OKCTHUNDERHEAD: @videocopilot how old were you when you started AE? #mochat
@videocopilot: @OKCTHUNDERHEAD 15? I’m 28 now… #mochat

@mangababe: Wow. Hard to keep up with the fast & furious #mochat Q&A with @videocopilot !
@videocopilot: @mangababe Just grab on tight and don’t look down. #mochat

@NathanBoey: @videocopilot do you have any aspirations/plans to shoot a feature film? #MoChat
@videocopilot: @NathanBoey Absolutely! #mochat

@videocopilot: Advice? IDK be cool to work with, most people don’t like working with jerks. #mochat

@videocopilot: After Effects is 20! Almost old enough to drink. #mochat

@MitchellHart: Thanks for everything Andy K #mochat
@videocopilot: @MitchellHart Your welcome! #mochat

@videocopilot: I’ll be at AENY this month on the 28th. Will be Aharon Rabinowitz last meeting! You guys should come out! #mochat

@iyke28: @videocopilot if u find urself strugglin applyin a vfx, or if it seems impossible due to how d footage is captured – what next? #mochat
@videocopilot: @iyke28 That is tough, have to sort the first problem before moving on to the next problem. #mochat

@BKobs: @videocopilot, in your opinion, what does the future look like for creative media? specifically video and animation. #mochat
@videocopilot: @BKobs Prolific. #mochat

@Cenylee_Higa: @videocopilot You’re like my virtual teacher.. Thank you so much! #mochat
@videocopilot: @Cenylee_Higa I’m outside your house… #mochat

@Elementbob: hey Andrew! what is the best way to get into the VFX industry if school is not an option? #mochat
@videocopilot: @Elementbob The tools are there and the training is there, focus your weekends on making cool stuff. #mochat

@danadamstw: If you were going to make a feature film, what genre and what would it be about? #mochat
@videocopilot: @danadamstw I would say Thriller. Some action, some suspense… #mochat

@robotika_org: @videocopilot Due to your affiliation with @bad_robot, any chance you’ll get to do the opening crawl for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII? 🙂 #mochat
@videocopilot: @robotika_org Whoever does it, I hope they shoot it practically like the original! #mochat

@03OE: @videocopilot oh, and does making tutorials about blowing stuff up ever get old haha? #mochat
@videocopilot: @03OE Does a one-legged duck swim in circles? #mochat

@MotionChat: Holy awesome. #mochat is trending! http://t.co/aNc9n5U6

@videocopilot: @MotionChat Crazy! #mochat

@ChrisTarroza: If it wasn’t for the undo command I’d be so screwed. #mochat
@conigs: @ChrisTarroza Try working for a while with it set to 0. Seriously. It becomes way more interesting! #mochat
@videocopilot: @conigs I have it set to 12 seconds… #mochat

@rizkiahmads [protected tweet]
@videocopilot: @rizkiahmads Was thinking about some camera projection tips with Element 3D actually… #mochat

@the_smithy: #mochat hey Andrew thanks for everything so far. Love element. Been following you since creative cow days
@videocopilot: @the_smithy Good times! Creative cow has always been a great community. #mochat

@lasvideo: A tutorial on Element just came out on http://t.co/XqGLOVCq! #mochat
@videocopilot: @lasvideo I saw that! Chad perkins is a great instructor too. #mochat

@videocopilot: Best Video Cards? I think the nvidia cards are pretty amazing, particularly the 680 and 690. #mochat

@03OE: I think @videocopilot deserves around of applause for everything he’s done for us as a community, thanks man. #mochat
@videocopilot: @03OE Cheers! #mochat

@MotionChat: @videocopilot Alright, Andrew. In the last few minutes, anything _you_ would like to speak to? #mochat
@videocopilot: @MotionChat I would say that passion and hard work are 2 of the most powerful ways to achieve your goals. #mochat

@videocopilot: Thanks everyone for stopping by! I had a blast! #mochat http://t.co/sz7d4MLd

@videocopilot: I’m sure we’ll be able to do this again in the future and I’d love to do more live stuff, it’s exciting!

@videocopilot: #mochat tonight… http://t.co/6fWTb4zq


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