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Q&A with Manuel Creignou on MLC001

Recently, we highlighted entries from the first Motion League Challenge. One of our favorites was this piece by Manuel Creignou.

[iframe_vimeo video=”29225930″]

We got a chance to ask Manuel a few questions about the animation.

Motion League: First , the details. Which effects/techniques were used in your animation?
Manuel: I used a lot of masks and animated them with a lot of keyframes. Then I applied basics effects in After Effects :

  • few fractal noises for the background
  • tint and colorama for the colors
  • few more effects for the style

You can take a look at the screenshots.

(For the curious, here’s a list of the effects used: ≈36 masks, Echo, Colorama, Hue/Saturation, Fast Blur, 6 Beam effects, CC Vector Blur, Glow, Fractal Noise, Circle, Mosaic, and 4-Color Gradient. We recommend looking at the keyframe screenshot full-size to get a better idea of what’s going on.)

ML: Once you decided to take on the challenge, where did you begin?
Manuel: I began just by putting a lot of effects randomly on one layer. It’s not very common to use just one layer in motion design, so I didn’t really know what was the possibilities. Then I’ve tried different combinations of effects which looked interesting together.

ML: Was there anything in particular that inspired the work?
Manuel: I wanted to make keyframes animation for a long time. I used to make 2d animations with flash in my first job and I missed that. So, with this idea, the fish-ish character came up as well as all the masks animations with different shapes like triangles.

ML: What was the most difficult aspect of your animation?
Manuel: The timing of the keyframes animation of the fish-ish character was quite difficult. I animated everything without music to focus on the timing of the animation. I did the animated sequence few times before being happy with it. And then, when I put the music on it, I was surprised that the song fit perfectly with the animation.

ML: How long did it take you to animate?
Manuel: It took me 3 days (on extra-work time) to achieve it from the first tests. When the main idea came up, it was quite fast to make it.

ML: What are your tools of choice?
Manuel: Of course, I’m working a lot with After Effects. I’m also using Cinema 4D when 3D is needed. And I can’t work without a pen and a notebook for few sketches.

ML: Do you have a favorite designer or motion graphics piece?
Manuel: Jr Canest is one of the most inspiring motion designer for me. He has such a good style… and he rocks with keyframes. Studios like Psyop or designers like Matt Pyke or Sergio Saleh (Lumbre) are also a good source of inspiration. But more generally, I’m a big “liker” on Vimeo… just take a look at my page and you’ll see I’m inspired by a lot of diiferent things.

MLC001 Highlights

A couple weeks ago, we announced our first Motion League Challenge. The response was light, but off to a good start.

[iframe_vimeo video=”29054743″]

I liked the ethereal, glitchy feel to Bill Meeks‘ piece.

[iframe_vimeo video=”29225930″]

Manuel Creignou had a great entry. There’s a lot going on here. While he did use a separate music track, the effort and polish in this piece is too great to ignore.

A “well done” to these two. We’ll be announcing our next Motion League Challenge in a couple weeks.

Motion League Challenge 1: Single Solid

Welcome to the first Motion League Challenge. The inaugural challenge will be a simple one: Single Solid. The challenge is to see what you can create only using a single solid as a layer in an After Effects comp; bonus points: no Trapcode plugins. As an example, here is a short animation I created:

[iframe_vimeo video=”28933819″]

And for the curious, here’s the project, effects stack, and timeline:

This was all created with stock plugins with the exception of Separate RGB and Mojo.

The deadline for this challenge is 11PM CDT (GMT-5), Sunday September 18th. No prizes are being awarded, but we will be featuring our favorite animations in a later post. Have fun!

Ground Rules for Motion League Challenges

  1. Animations should be between roughly 5 and 15 seconds.
  2. You may create & submit as many animations as you like.
  3. Videos should be posted to the Motion League Vimeo group, and tagged MLC with the challenge number, eg “MLC001”.
  4. Be sure to link to your video in the comments to make sure we see it.
  5. Videos submitted after the deadline won’t be considered to be featured or for future prizes, but are still awesome in our book.