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MoChat 14 Transcript & Summary

Last night’s MoChat focussed on staying creative. Unsurprisingly, lots of people have times when they hit a rut, or just seem stuck in the same cycle. The reasons varied from person to person. Some of the more common reasons seemed to be lack of sleep (or health), deadline pressure, self-doubt, and getting stuck comparing yourself to others.

To get past these creative blocks, lots of suggestions were made. In no particular order:

  • Take a walk
  • Read
  • Exercise
  • Visit a gallery
  • Sketch/doodle
  • Play video games
  • Listen to music

There were also several suggestions for what to do to avoid ruts in the first place:

  • Have hobbies
  • Do creative warm-ups or challenges in the morning
  • Have personal projects
  • If possible, take vacations or day-trips
  • Get out of your comfort zone often
  • Take classes
  • Reverse engineer work

There were also a few things people didn’t entirely agree on. Some liked watching videos on Vimeo or looking at other motion design work. Others argued it leads to too much comparison and subconscious mimicking. TV can be a distraction or research depending on who you ask. Social media shares a similar split, though most people recognize it can be too distracting if you’re already stuck.

But overall, one of the main points that came up over and over throughout the chat in various forms was simply this: Walk away from your computer. There’s a lot to experience around you, and much of it can help you creatively in ways you wouldn’t expect.

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Recharge Creativity

Note: This article talks about working as a motion designer for reference. The following subject matter applies to anyone in a creative position.

It’s a dreaded fear for every motion designer. It’s kryptonite to our yellow sun. It’s just as inevitable as running low on system resources. Chances are you’ve experienced it more than you care to recall, and the unfortunate truth is that eventually it’s going to rear it’s ugly head again. Of course, I’m talking about being “creatively” tapped out. Whether it happens to you once a year or after a few very demanding projects, it can be a terrible experience that, at its worst, can leave you debating if you should toss in the towel on your career.  But don’t give in just yet; there some things you can do to help get yourself out of this creative rut or prevent one from occurring all together. You just need to give your mind a reboot.

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