One of the things Adobe promised with the move to Creative Cloud as a more rapid release cycle with important, but perhaps not blockbuster features. They are definitely coming through with that promise with the upcoming release of After Effects 12.1.

This week on #mochat, Steve Forde, Todd Kopriva, and Michelle Galina were kind enough to answer your questions on the upcoming release. The features which seemed to get the most attention in the chat were

  • Rigid Mask Tracker
  • Property Linking
  • Center Anchor Point commands
  • Spring Loaded Folders
  • GPU usage improvements (OptiX 3)

There were also several feature requests made during the chat, including:

  • Über-twirl (Timeline folders)
  • NLE-based footage layer (think Premiere timeline, but editable in AE)
  • KB shortcut for closing other timeline panels
  • Better color swatch handling

All-in-all, another great chat! I’m very grateful to the Adobe team for helping out and taking everyone’s questions. Read on for the transcript…

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