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Do The World A Favour

Do The World A Favour

I have always had a special little place in my heart for any of Tendril’s design work. They always seem to embody a very diverse style, and a knack for conveying the message at hand effectively, through visuals. It should come as no surprise that this video, does exactly that.

Brief from Tendril:

The brief was to create a 30 second spot for a new electronics recycling program in the province of Ontario. When Agency59 first came into the studio to talk about the project, we discussed a wide range of approaches and stylistic treatments. In its first iteration, the story was to open each scene with types of electronics (audio, video, office) which would be disassembled, revealing a ‘return’ button that would act as an anchor and transition mechanism. We also explored the possibility of having each scene be executed in a different visual style. Following a round of design and research though, we went back to the drawing board and built up a new idea that would show not only disassembly but separation, detoxification and repurposing of materials cradle to cradle.

I highly recommend heading over to Tendril’s own website, and checking out some of their other great work.


20s & 30s Era Japanese Design

"May 1" movie poster by Hiromu Hara, 1928-1929

I’ve always been a fan of Japanese design & art. I don’t know why; it’s just always captivate me. But recently, Pink Tentacle gathered some great posters, magazine & book covers, and ads from 20s & 30s era Japan, which shows a distinct influence from outside cultures. It’s interesting to see the aesthetics change over the course of two decades.

My favorite is the poster for the film “May 1” (pictured left). It’s a great combination of Latin & Kanji, and I’m a sucker for woodblock print.

Head on over to Pink Tentacle and take a look at the other great designs.