#mochat is an organized weekly Twitter chat about motion design. Chats take place on Tuesday evenings at 9PM ET and last for an hour. This is very similar to our cousins Script Chat and Post Chat.

To participate, log in to tchat.io or Twubs before the chat or use any Twitter program (mobile or desktop), just search for the hashtag #mochat.  When posting a message in these services, the #mochat hashtag will be automatically added to the tweet.

Chat, respond and retweet, it’s that easy.

We will try to start off each chat with a dedicated topic, but as with anything on Twitter, the conversation might get steered in different directions based on the community.

If you have any questions, send a tweet to @MotionChat and we’ll try to help you out. For upcoming topics (or transcripts of previous topics), you can view the schedule.

Recent Chats

#mochat 92 – Trends & Styles

On this week’s #Mochat, we talked trends and styles. Not everyone necessarily likes to follow trends, but it’s important to [...]

#mochat 91 – Nuke

Many of us primarily work in After Effects, but for composting, Nuke is a really powerful option. This week on #mochat, [...]

#mochat 90 – Concepting

All ideas start somewhere. For this installment of #mochat, we talk about concepting. People get their ideas from all over [...]

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