We are currently allowing companies or employers seeking talented motion designers or other creative professionals to have job postings in our Unite forums. The “Job Postings” category is completely moderated. Only our admins and select moderators can post new discussions (though anyone can comment once the discussion is started). If you wish to post a job opportunity, please complete the form below.

Job Posting Guidelines

We will be contacting you by the email you submit to verify the information you provided. If you do not respond to that email, no job posting will be created. This is to make sure we only post verified and legitimate job postings. All fields are required. Contact information provided is strictly for contacting you to verify information. We will not contact you about any other matters unless you ask us to.

Please be sure to include the following information in your job description:

  • Requirements of the applicant (software, experience, etc)
  • General overview of the job activities
  • Whom to contact to apply
  • The address, email address, and/or phone number of the person to contact.

Job Posting Form

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