As a member of The Motion League (or visitor of this site), you agree to the following…

Members of the Motion League shall:

  • Be kind to other members.
  • Post insightful comments.
  • Post to the appropriate category in the Unite forums.
  • Offer constructive criticism when asked.
  • Help the elderly cross the street.
  • Report discussions and users violating the Code of Conduct.

Members of the Motion League shall not:

  • Spam the Unite forums in any way.
  • Use racial or ethnic slurs of any kind.
  • Slander any other members.
  • Use unnecessary profanity.
  • Solicit software (including serial numbers), plugins, effects, fonts, stock footage, or other copyrighted material from other users.
  • Post links or information which aids in the pirating any material.
  • Use URL shorteners when posting links.

Administrators and moderators will take appropriate action for any violation of The Code of Conduct, including (but not limited to) warning, suspending, or banning members; modifying or removing discussion threads or posts; or swiftly crushing offenders with an onslaught of shiny dynamic spheres. The Code of Conduct can and will be updated as needed.