We are starting a series of posts where we will cover a few motion design related events that occurred during the past week. These might be bigger posts/announcements you have heard, or some smaller things that slipped through the cracks. This week:

Greyscale Gorilla announced the latest 5 second project winners.

AE Scripts announced the availability of gift cards, just in time for the holidays!

AE Scripts also released LayerMonkey, promising automated 2D and 3D layout & camera generation, similar to TypeMonkey.

Beeple is at it again, releasing a new set of creative commons VJ clips titled“übersketch”(ZIP download). More on beetle’s VJ Clips page.

Of course, #mochat 63 happened.

What didn’t happen this week? The 2013 Mac Pro release.

What did we miss? (I’m sure a lot.) Let us know.