What Once Was

A couple years ago, a few people on Twitter joked about having motion designer-based superhero identities. The jokes snowballed into the League of Motionographers, a group of like-minded designers hanging out and thinking about bigger things in motion design. This was later refined to The Motion League.

We started the site as an avenue for each of us to write about motion design and post interesting links and tutorials. We added a community forum to give others a voice and a new place to hang out. We wanted something less exclusive than Motionographer and less intimidating than mograph.net.1

Two things happened: we lost track of our original focus and we found ourselves with less time to devote to the site.2 That lead to a laps of both content and participation. That needs to change… and it is.

Welcome to the New Motion League

Today we start a new Motion League with a single focus: voice. We consider everyone to be in the league. We want everyone to have a voice both here and in the broader motion design community. We hope to accomplish this in two ways.

First, we are simplifying the Motion League: Unite forums. This should provide an easier way to just get to posting without having to think too much about where something belongs or fitting your thoughts into refined categories. We want you to be able to ask questions and participate without drop-downs and extensive clicking/tapping getting in the way.

Second, we are opening up the blog.

Be Heard

Part of having a voice is being heard. We realize not everyone has their own blog, or if they do it might not have the reach they would like. We want to provide people with an outlet for their writing, tutorials, or even interviews. Starting today, you can sign up to be a contributor on Motion League.

We won’t have quotas… no minimum word count… no contracts or complicated hoops to jump through. This won’t be a fully open free-for-all, though. We know all-to-well that systems can be gamed and spam just plain sucks. So there are a couple things we are asking.

First, we ask that people not to sign up to be a contributor until you have an article or tutorial idea ready. We’ll be approving these by hand and don’t want a flood of signups unless people are ready to write or record. This will also help us keep spam accounts out of the system.

In order to keep a certain standard of quality and as a second filter against spam, posts will be reviewed/approved by an editor. There might be revisions asked of or suggestions made to content. We want to avoid simple “Hey look at this cool thing” links and overly-blatent self-promotion without much more to say. There are more details on our signup form, but the main idea is to have substance to a post. Why is this a cool thing you found? How does this idea affect the industry? What makes this new and original?

Open registration will begin in a couple weeks once we get the logistics worked out. If you want to have your articles posted on the site sooner, reach out to me on Twitter and I’ll manually add you as a contributor.

Let’s Go

So that is the new Motion League in a nutshell. We hope our changes encourage more participation both from us and from the larger motion design community. As with anything here, this is a work in progress and we will adapt, change things as needed, and respond to suggestions and criticism.

  1. We love both Motionographer and mograph.net and have nothing but respect for them. We just felt there was room for a different kind of community. 
  2. Everyone running this site has a full-time job or freelance, some of us have families as well. While we’d love to, none of us can run this site full-time.