#mochat 130 – Conferences

This week we talked about everybody’s favorite networking, pumping up, inspirational events — industry conferences! There are so many fantastic conferences out there, and figuring out which to attend, how to secure attendance, and how best to take advantage of them can be difficult. We got some great advice and stories about conferences across the country and throughout the year.

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#mochat 128 – After Effects CC2015

This week on #mochat we talked with #TeamAdobe about the upcoming release of After Effects CC2015 and the new Character Animator. Todd Kopriva posted this extensive list of everything new and changed. Some of the highlights discussed during the chat:

  • Separated render & UI threads for better interface responsiveness and performance
  • Integrated facial tracking based on Character Animator technology
  • New Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Expression errors show up in banner, not a popup window
  • Character Animator uses 3D facial tracking applied to 2D characters
  • Character Animator uses databases to keep track of each action, eliminating save/auto-save completely (possibly coming to AE sometime eventually)
  • Adobe buying The Foundry is just a rumor
  • @MdSienzant is rumored to be naming his next born with an After Effects theme

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#mochat 125 – Photorealism

Working towards photorealism can be very difficult. This week on #mochat, we discussed what can help you get there. Some of the biggest obstacles to overcome are texturing (especially imperfections and reflection), lighting, and render times.  Using Global Illumination and Ambient Occlusion can help you get a look closer to photo-real, but can be taxing on your render times.

There’s plenty of knowledge in the full transcript below.

And big thanks to Maxon for the t-shirt giveaway. Patrick Letourneau was our lucky winner this month.

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#mochat 121 – Rates

For this week’s #mochat, we took a look at setting rates, getting what you’re worth, and a host of other issues relating to the business side of working in motion. (Remember to pay your taxes!) There are plenty of ways to figure out how to charge and what rates work for you. Check out the transcript to get some ideas on how to set your rates and things to watch out for.

#mochat 120 – Compositing

This week on #mochat we talked about all things compositing… from keying green screen to sweetening those 3D renders.

Some of the tools & tips for helping with keying included

  • Primatte Keyer, or the entire Keying Suite
  • Refine Matte tools in After Effects
  • Use something like Neat Video to denoise footage
  • Don’t use the suppression or other post-keying features of Keylight—use other tools
  • Rotobrush can sometimes be a lifesaver

For 3D the main advice is to keep as much data about the 3D scene as possible throughout the process. EXR files can be great for storing that kind of data, but can be a little slow in AE. Node-based compositors like Nuke and Fusion offer a different (better?) way to setup a composite.

Red on for the full transcript and even more tips and tricks!

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#mochat 119 – Saying No

Sometimes you need to learn to say no. Whether it’s taking too many projects on or trying to finish a project for a client, there are times where we need to communicate that we can’t do something or manage expectations.

Some of the tips mentioned in this week’s conversation include:

  • Know where you own big goals. Think long term. Say no to things that don’t align.
  • It’s okay to say no. Just don’t be a jerk about it
  • Sometimes it’s just explaining what the status is. We’re the ones closest to it and know it best.

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[Image credit: Nathan Gibbs]

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#mochat 118 – Staying Healthy

When we sit in front of a computer for most of our waking hours, how do we stay healthy? That was the subject of this week’s #mochat.

Many of us noted our bad habits—not taking breaks, sitting for too long, too much soda, not enough exercise, junk food, and more. Fortunately recognizing those bad habits is how we can change them. Some tips included…

  • Drinking more water
  • Getting up at render time
  • Using a standing desk or exercise ball chair
  • Walking the long way to get somewhere
  • Biking to work
  • Making your own lunches/snacks
  • Making time for exercising

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[Photo credt: jacsonquerubin on flickr]

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